Brown, Neuropsychological Foundations, 2010

Jason W. Brown, Neuropsychological Foundations of Conscious Experience, Louvain-la-Neuve, Les Éditions Chromatika, 2010. (978-2-930517-07-0 ; 364 p. ; 36 €)

Neuropsychological Foundations of Conscious Experience retraces the growth of microgenetic theory from its beginnings in neuropsychology and aphasia in relation to other genetic models of cognition. The account of the mind/brain state and subjective time and change is explored in relation to psychoanalytic concepts of the unconscious as well as philosophical ideas on intentionality, subjectivity and truth. In a final chapter, the theory aims to elucidate creative thinking and mystical experience. The primary aim is to aid the reader to see the progression from clinical studies to theoretical speculation in a way that condenses more extensive and technical writings. This book should appeal to both lay and professional readers with an interest in these topics. It is the author’s contention that microgenetic theory is the only available and fully coherent account of the mind that covers not only clinical disorders but normal cognition and metapsychological issues relating to an evolutionary brain model.

Jason W. Brown, for over 30 years Clinical Professor of Neurology at New York University, is best known for his microgenetic theory. The theory began with observations on language disorders and neuropsychological studies, and was extended to problems in process theory, especially that of time, change and related issues in philosophy of mind. The author lectures widely on various topics and has published 8 books and over 200 articles.

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