Philosophical counselling

The practical activity of the Centre consists of the organization of a philosophical counselling service mainly exploiting the knowledge acquired with its theoretical work on process philosophers such as A. N. Whitehead, H. Bergson and W. James. The Centre welcomes individuals in their quest for meaning, be it global or local.

Diagrammatically, this quest can present itself as an existential crisis or as a more limited problem —whatever its nature (depression, behavioural, mourning, ethical legitimation of a decision…).

Two important specifications have to be underlined from the begining. First, the philosophical practice should not be understood as an absolute alternative to existing disciplines in the field of mental health. It is the individual quest itself that constitutes the criterion, allowing the discrimination between the applicability of philosophical counselling and psycho-therapies. No solution should be a priori excluded when what matters is the soo- thing of somatic, psychical or spiritual suffering. Second, from a striclty philosophical perspective, one has to remember, on the one hand, the historical —Socratic— root of the philosophical practice ; and, on the other, the relevance of Whiteheadian scholarship in the (broadly understood) psychotherapeutical field.

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