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Australasian Association for Process Thought

Center for Aldous Huxley Studies http://www.anglistik.uni-muenster.d...

Center for Process Studies

Whitehead Research Project

Centre d’Études sur le Pragmatisme et la Philosophie Américaine (GEPPA)

Grupo de Estudios Peirceanos

International Pragmatism Society (Oklahoma State University)

International Process Network (Fordham University)

Polish Neuropsychological Society (Cracovie)

Sophia Europa (Università di Trieste & Oxford University)

William James Society (Boston, Massachusetts)

Lucie Antoniol, Dialogism :

Shlomit C. Schuster, The Philosophical Counseling Web Site

Tim LeBon Philosophy, Counselling, Psychotherapy and Personal Development Pages

Gerald Rochelle, Practial Philosophy

Oscar Brenifier, Institut de Pratiques Philosophiques

François Brooks

Philosophy Now

Guillaume Durand, Philosophia

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