IX. Van Wyk et al., Creativity and Its Discontents Alan Van Wyk and Michel Weber (eds.), Creativity and Its Discontents. The Response to Whitehead’s Process and Reality, Frankfurt / Lancaster, ontos verlag, Process Thought VIII, 2008. (240 p. ; ISBN 978-3-86838-018-7 ; 89 €) “I do not expect a good reception from professional philosophers” wrote Whitehead in 1929, straight after the publication of Process and Reality. Indeed, it took nearly thirty years before scholars seriously started to try to decipher the book taken as a whole. And there remains nowadays “professional” Whiteheadians who claim that this work can—or even should—be bracketed by anyone wishing to get a clear picture of Whitehead’s true speculative agenda. Creativity and Its Discontent aims to provide evidence for this state of affairs by gathering and contextualizing all the major reviews (translated where need be) of Process and Reality : its original 1929 edition, its various translations (some of them still ongoing) and its 1978 corrected edition. It is designed as the ideal tool to accompany the forthcoming Handbook of Whiteheadian Process Thought. Table of Contents Introduction : Michel Weber (Chromatiques) 1. CUP and Macmillan Editions, 1929 Mumford, December 1929 Clark, January 1930 Ginzburg, January 1930 Northrop, January 1930 Wieman, January 1930 Mabbott, March 1930 Carr, July 1930 Nagel, July 1930 Marvin, November 1930 Stebbing, October 1930 Taylor, 1930 Belgion, 1930 Moore, May 1931 Murphy, 1931 2. Macmillan Reprint, 1960 Fjellman, November 1961 3. Free Press Corrected Edition, 1978 Ogden, Fall 1979 Christian, 1979 Connor, 1979 Burke, 1981 Nobo, 1983 4. Translations Spanish Translation by J. Rovira Armengol (1956) Reviewed by Garcia Bacca, 1956 Italian Translation (1965) Reviewed by Guzzo, 1965 Italian Translation (1965) Reviewed by Sandro Travaglia, 1966 German Translation (1979) Reviewed by Wolf-Gazo, 1979 French Translation (1995) Reviewed by Weber, 1998 Bibliographies by Linguistic sphere American and English by Steve Hulbert and John Quiring (Claremont) Dutch by André Cloots (Louvain) French by Michel Weber (Chromatiques) German by Helmut Maaßen (Geldern) Italian by Luca Gaeta (Milano) and Luca Vanzago (Pavia), under the supervision of Carlo Sini (Milano) Portughese by Luis de Morais (Lisboa) Spanish by Juan Vicente Mayoral de Lucas (Toledo)

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