XI. Rescher, Process Philosophical Deliberations Nicholas Rescher, Process Philosophical Deliberations, Frankfurt / Paris / Lancaster, ontos verlag, Process Thought XI, 2006. (195 p. ; ISBN 3-938793-37-6 ; 69 €) Process philosophy has established itself as one of the 20th century’s prime contributions to philosophical thought and Nicholas Rescher has for many years figured among its prime exponents. His new book Process Philosophical Deliberations collects together ten studies illuminating various aspects of this many-sided philosophical approach. Among the topics treated are the nature of process philosophy itself, as well as its implementation in such areas as epistemology, value theory, moral philosophy, and the philosophy of science. Table of Contents Preface Chapter 1 : Process Philosophy Chapter 2 : On Situating Process Philosophy Chapter 3 : By the Standards of their Day : A Venture in Process Axiology Chapter 4 : Trapped within History : A Process-Philosophical Refutation of Historical Relativism Chapter 5 : Causal Necessitation and Free Will in Processual Perspective Chapter 6 : Knowledge in Processual Perspective Chapter 7 : Cognitive Processes and Scientific Progress Chapter 8 : Dialectic as a Cognitive Process Chapter 9 : Cognitive Progress in a Complex World : Destabilization and Complexification Chapter 10 : Process and Cognitive Progress Index of Names

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