XIII. Basile et al., Consciousness, Reality and Value Pierfrancesco Basile and Leemon McHenry (eds.), Consciousness, Reality and Value : Essays in Honor of T.L.S. Sprigge, 2007. (330 p. ; ISBN 978-3-938793-71-8 ; 98 €) Timothy Sprigge has been a major player on the philosophical scene contributing to discussions as diverse as consciousness, the ontology of time, personal identity, animal rights, punishment, censorship and wider issues in metaphysics, ethics and the history of philosophy. He is, however, less well known for his own highly original system of metaphysics and ethics—a synthesis of Absolute Idealism, panpsychism and utilitarianism. The contributions gathered in this volume, written by philosophers of international reputation or by acknowledged scholars in their specialized fields of inquiry, engage themes in his metaphysics and ethics and provide a critical assessment of his ideas and arguments. In a concluding essay, Sprigge answers the most significant objections raised by his critics : the final result is an engaging dialogue on the perennial and most fundamental questions of philosophy. Table of Contents Preface Leemon B. McHenry, The Philosophical Idealism of T. Sprigge Richard M. Gale, T. Sprigge : The Grinch and the Stole Time Geoffrey Madell, T. Sprigge and Panpsychism Alastair Hannay, Dialectical Ascent on a Spriggean Theme Nicholas Rescher, What Sort of Idealism is Viable Today ? James W. Allard, Sprigge Vindication of Concrete Universals Pierfrancesco Basile, The Compounding of Consciousness William Mander, From Consciousness to the Absolute John Leslie, How Many Divine Minds ? Peter Forrest, Sprigge’s Spinoza Leslie Armour, Idealism and God William Sweet, God, Sprigge, and Idealist Philosophy of Religion Pauline Phemister, A Leibnizian God of Metaphysics ? Marcus Peter Ford, God and Evil, A Process Perspective John Llewelyn, Ecosophy, Sophophily and Philotheria Ted Honderich, The Principle of Humanity and the Principle of Utility Timothy L. S. Sprigge, My Philosophy and Some Defense of It Selected Publications of T.L.S. Sprigge

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