XIV. Weber et al., Subjectivity, Process, and Rationality Michel Weber and Pierfrancesco Basile (eds.), Subjectivity, Process, and Rationality, Frankfurt / Lancaster, ontos verlag, Process Thought XIV, 2006. (354 p. ; ISBN 978-3-938793-38-1 ; 98 €) This volume gathers prominent international scholars to celebrate the complex legacy of Reiner Wiehl, whose work has been instrumental in bringing together the European tradition of prima philosophia as represented by Plato, Spinoza, Kant and Hegel, with the adventurous speculative renewal of the twentieth century by Alfred North Whitehead. Grouped into four sections (Process and Universals, Nature and Subjectivity, Ethics and Civilization, Psychology and Phenomenology) the fifteen papers collected in this book cover a range of topics which is as wide and as intertwined as Wiehl’s own expertise : the common thread that runs through all contributions is the problematic nature of subjectivity and especially of its process slant, that can be grasped only through the static schemes of rationality. Table of contents Preface I. Process and Universals Reiner Wiehl (Heidelberg), Process Philosophy and the Problem of Universals Anderson Weekes (New York), The Metaphysics of Individuality in Whitehead and Wiehl II. Nature and Subjectivity John B. Cobb, Jr. (Claremont), On Prehension Pierfrancesco Basile (Zürich), Whitehead, Hume and the Phenomenology of Causation Joseph A. Bracken (Xavier), Creativity versus Rationality ? Leemon B. McHenry (California State), Maxwell’s Field and Whitehead’s Events III. Ethics and Civilization David Ray Griffin (Claremont), Morality and Scientific Naturalism John W. Lango, Can Specific Rules be Deduced from Moral Principles ? Nicholas Rescher (Pittsburgh) Ethical Quantities George Allan (Dickinson), The Wand of the Enchanter Michel Weber (Chromatiques), Creativity, Efficacy and Vision IV. Psychology and Phenomenology Michael Hampe (Zürich), Trauma, Freud, and the history of a personal life Bernd Weidmann (Heidelberg), Albert Fraenkel mirrored by his patients Hermann Hesse and Karl Jaspers On Gadamer, Phenomenology and Historical Relativism Alon Segev (Heidelberg), Helmut Maaßen (K. v. Galen Gymasium), The logic of Emotions

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