XVII. Smith et al., Process and Personality Smith, Gudmund J. W. & Carlsson, Ingegerd M. (eds.), Process and Personality. Actualization of the Personal World with Process-Oriented Methods, Frankfurt / Paris / Lancaster, ontos verlag, PT XVII, 2008. (299 p. ; 978-3-938793-89-3 ; 98 €) This book is a joint effort of like-minded researchers to define the concept of process within a psychological setting. Although minor differences exist as regards choice of background theory, their common focus is on personality in a broad psychodynamic context. Their definition of personality rests on a series of test instruments that have been validated during decades of thorough and vigorous empirical work. These were originally designed to open up micro-processes underlying the adaptation to or construction of reality, and have subsequently proven diagnostically efficient. Coming from both sides of the Atlantic, the contributors have their background in psychological as well as medical institutions. The contributions in the book are examples of a vital source sustaining our efforts to get a more profound understanding of the vicissitudes of the human mind. Table of Content Acknowledgments INTRODUCTION. Gudmund Smith and Ingegerd Carlsson 1. WHAT IS PERCEPTGENESIS REALLY ABOUT ? Gudmund Smith 2. PERCEPTGENESIS : ITS ORIGINS, ACCOMPLISHMENTS AND PROSPECTS. Juris Draguns 3. A MOSAIC OF SEVEN PERCEPTGENETIC THEMES. Ulf Kragh 4. A NOTE ON THE CONCEPT OF STIMULUS IN PERCEPTGENETIC THEORY. Anders Zachrisson 5. DEFENSE MECHANISMS IN PSYCHOSOMATIC GROUPS : A HEURISTIC MODEL. Mikael Henningsson 6. DEFENSE MECHANISMS AND POST-TRAUMATIC SYMPTOMS AMONG MALE BOSNIAN AND CROATIAN REFUGEES IN PSYCHIATRIC TREATMENT. Gunilla Kivling Bodén and Elisabet Sundbom 7. INFLUENCE OF GENDER AND AGE IN THE DEFENSE MECHANISM TEST AMONG ADOLESCENTS AND ADULTS. Per Fransson and Elisabet Sundbom 8. MATURE AND IMMATURE DEFENSES. A STUDY OF REPRESSORS AND TRAIT ANXIETY GROUPS. Ingegerd Carlsson and Fredrik Neuman 9. HEART RATE VARIABILITY DURING THE META-CONTRAST TECHNIQUE. Peter Jönsson 10. PERCEPTGENETIC TECHNIQUES IN THE STUDY OF COGNITIVE STYLES AND DEFENSE MECHANISMS : FROM ASSESSMENT TOWARD PSYCHOTHERAPY. Uwe Hentschel and Juris Draguns 11. WHICH TYPE OF NORM FOR S-CWT RESEARCH ? Alex Rubino, Federica Tozzi, and Alberto Siracusano 12. PILOTS AND GROUND OFFICERS INVESTIGATED BY PROCESS TESTS OF CREATIVITY, EXTRAVERSION, AND STRESS CONTROL. Ingegerd Carlsson, Gunilla Amnér, and Gudmund Smith 13. VISION FORMING AND BRAIN STORMING : DIFFERENT ASPECTS OF CREATIVITY CAPTURED BY A PERCEPTGENETIC MEASUREMENT AND OTHER MEASUREMENTS OF CREATIVITY. Eva Hoff and Ingegerd Carlsson 14. SOMETHING OLD, SOMETHING NEW, SOMETHING BORROWED, SOMETHING BLUE : MICROGENESIS IN THE 21ST CENTURY. Joseph Glicksohn 15. ACTUALIZATION AND CAUSALITY. Jason Brown

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