XVIII. Pachalska et al., Microgenesis Maria Pachalska and Michel Weber (eds.), Neuropsychology and Philosophy of Mind in Process. Essays in honor of Jason W. Brown, Frankfurt / Lancaster, ontos verlag, Process Thought XVIII, 2008. (443 p. ; 978-3-86838-010-1 ; 139 €) This volume celebrates the life achievement of Jason W. Brown, who, along with Jean Piaget, Heinz Werner, Alexander Luria and the Würzburg school, has significantly contributed to the development of microgenetic theory as an intellectual paradigm capable of application in both clinical practice (behavioral neurology, neuropsychology) and theoretical speculations (psychoanalysis, philosophy of mind). Essays with a range of focus as wide as Brown’s expertise have been collected in three major divisions : neuropsychology (microstructure of action, symptomatology, neuro-rehabilitation, neurolinguistics, locationism), theoretical psychology (consciousness, hypnosis, morphogenesis, personality development, psychoanalysis, Buddhist psychology), and philosophy of mind (evolutionary epistemology, emergence/novelty/creativity, subjectivity, will and action, Whiteheadian process philosophy). Table of contents Foreword Maria Pachalska & Michel Weber Preface Jason W. Brown Part I. Papers in honor of Jason W. Brown Chapter 1. An authentic life for process thinking Harold Atmanspacher & Jack Martin Chapter 2. How does microgenetic theory square with evidence from cognitive neuroscience ? Talis Bachmann Chapter 3. Microgenesis of mystical awareness David T. Bradford Chapter 4. Sublexical phonological processing and paraphasia : Recent topics in the neurolinguistics of production in aphasia Hugh W. Buckingham & Sarah Christman Chapter 5. The scope of relevance of process thought John B. Cobb, Jr. Chapter 6. The microgenesis of antisociality : A process-relational perspective Mark Germine Chapter 7. The brain and the mind Bożydar L.J. Kaczmarek & Katarzyna Markiewicz Chapter 8. Moral values in focus : knowledge and values in the embodied mind George Kurian Chapter 9. Identity, autobiography, and the microgenesis of the self Bruce Duncan MacQueen Chapter 10. Neuropsychology of creativity Nikolay N. Nikolaenko Chapter 11. Re-membering : the recovery of artistic vision after right-hemisphere stroke Maria Pachalska Chapter 12. Let’s face it ! Phonagnosia happens, and voice recognition is finally familiar Diana Sidtis & Jody Kreiman Chapter 13. Process unveiled in the laboratory Gudmund Smith Chapter 14. Reality : outside there or inside here ? Kobi Tiberg & Avraham Schweiger Chapter 15. On microgenesis and psychoanalysis Michael Trupp Chapter 16. Self-organizing ontogenesis on the phyletic frame Don M.Tucker Chapter 17. Process and individuality Michel Weber Part II. Biography Chapter 18. Jason Walter Brown : an authentic life Maria Pachalska Author index Subject index

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