PT XXI — Dibben, Applied Process Thought 2

Mark Dibben and Rebecca Newton (eds.), Applied Process Thought II : Following a Trail Ablaze, Frankfurt / Lancaster, ontos verlag, Process Thought XXI, 2009. (420 p. ; 978-386838-034-7 ; 139 €)

Concentrating mainly on the process philosophy developed by Alfred North Whitehead, this series of essays brings together some of the newest developments in the application of process thinking to the physical and social sciences. These essays, by established scholars in the field, demonstrate how a wider and deeper understanding of the world can be obtained using process philosophical concepts, how the distortions and blockages inevitably inherent in substantivist talk can be set aside, and how new and fertile lines of research in the sciences can be opened as a result.

Table of contents

Memories of Forgotten Times, Thomas A. F. Kelly


Foreword, James Walsh

Passing, Marian O’Donnell

Preface, Pete A. Y. Gunter

Fundamental Cosmological Dualities, Ronald P. Phipps

Introduction : Following a Trail Ablaze, Mark R. Dibben & Rebecca Newton

I. The Urizen of Whiteheadian Process Thought, Michel Weber

II. Mementos of a Timequake : Whitehead’s Radical Empiricism, Randall E. Auxier

III. Systems Thinking and Emergence, Joseph Bracken

IV. A Study in the Process Philosophy of Science, Ross L. Stein

V. Containment and Reciprocity in Biological Systems, Jonathan Delafield-Butt

VI. The Philosophy of an Infinite, Open and Integrated Universe, Ronald Preston Phipps

VII. The Religious Importance of Metaphysics, John B. Cobb, Jr.

VIII. The Earth, Life and Process Thinking, Jan B.F.N. Engberts

IX. Empire, Relational Power, and a Multi-Polar World, Leslie A. Muray

X. Religion and Politics in Contemporary Democracy, André Cloots

XI. Propositions in Corporations, Duston Moore

XII. The Curious Case of Routines, Elias L. Khalil

XIII. Sociology, Societies and Sociality, Michael Halewood

XIV. Towards A Process Oriented Sociological Imagination, Michael S. Carolan

XV. Education in a Decadent Age, Arran Gare

XVI. How Can A Process Ontology Aid Philosophical Theology ?, Thomas A. F. Kelly

XVII. The Role of Philosophy in the University, Thomas A. F. Kelly

Appendix : What is Applied Process Thought ?, Mark R. Dibben and Thomas A. F. Kelly

Postcript : Professor Thomas A. F. Kelly, Peter Denman


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