Hare, Weber et al., International Perspectives on Pragmatism, 2009

Peter Hare, Michel Weber, James K. Swindler, Oana-Maria Pastae, Cerasel Cuteanu (eds.), International Perspectives on Pragmatism, Newcastle upon Tyne, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2009 (ISBN 978-1-4438-0194-2). Table of contents Foreword Introduction : Modernity between humanism and crisis ; towards pragmatism and liberalism by overcoming tradition JASON JORDAN, On Human Dignity : The Testament of the Two Humanisms MIHAELA STEFANESCU, Aspects of the crisis of the West Part I : Practical Politics NAOMI ZACK, Social Contract Theory and Disaster Preparation : The Importance of Including Civilians HORST FREYHOFER, Libertarianism : Old Recipe for a New America ? SIMON GLYNN, Democracy, liberalism and freedom LINDA SIMON, William James and the Haymarket Affair : A case study of pragmatic politics JANE SKINNER, Pragmatism and Political Practice : a Developing Country Perspective MARJORIE O’LOUGHLIN, The values and practices of democracy in Deweyan pragmatism : a brief exploration JASON D. HILL, The Right to Permanent Residency as a Human Right : A Kantian Inquiry MICHEL WEBER, Pragmatic Anarchy in A. N. Whitehead Part II : Democratic Theory J.K. SWINDLER, Rationalist Grounds for Pragmatist Democracy VASIL GLUCHMAN, Humanity and Moral Duty : Contexts with Rorty’s Ideas SUSANA DE CASTRO, The Rortyan concept of justice as a ’larger loyalty’ MICHAEL HODGES, Rorty on Democracy and Justification CERASEL CUTEANU, Contemporary Society under the tyranny of a Democracy of the Truth JON MAHONEY, Pragmatism and Human Rights MARTA GLUCHMANOVA, Teacher, democratic values and methods (Dewey and his philosophy of education) NED MCCLENNEN, A Pragmatic Defense of Justice Part III : Art and Culture OTILIA SIMION, Totalitarianism in Literature KRYSTYNA WILKOSZEWSKA, Community of Art PETER H. HARE, Comments and Queries : Krystyna Wilkoszewska’s "Community and Art"

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