Riffert & Weber, Searching for New Contrasts, 2003

I. Searching for New Contrasts Franz G. Riffert & Michel Weber (eds.), Searching for New Contrasts. Whiteheadian Contributions to Contemporary Challenges in Neurophysiology, Psychology, Psychotherapy and the Philosophy of Mind, Frankfurt am Main, Peter Lang, Whitehead Psychology Nexus Studies I, 2003. (444 p. ; ISBN 3-631-39089-0 ; 68,5 €) Whitehead claimed that “to sustain a civilization with the intensity of its first ardour requires more than learning. Adventure is essential, namely, the search for new perfections” (Adventures of Ideas, 258). Since humility is—more than ever—urgently needed in scholarship, we have chosen to qualify our conceptual adventure as a search for new contrasts, thus invoking an essential Whiteheadian concept. As the reader will have already understood, contrast does not mean here contention, or strife, or even comparison between fields that are essentially foreign to each other ; it means emphasizing the complementariness of differences and the promotion of synergies. Table of Contents Foreword, Franz G. Riffert and Michel Weber List of Contributors Introduction. Reconnecting Science and Metaphysics, Franz G. Riffert and John B. Cobb, Jr. Part I. Neurophysiology Value in Mind and Nature, Jason W. Brown (New York) Consciousness, Whitehead and Quantum Computation in the Brain, Stuart Hameroff (Tucson) Consciousness : The Brain’s Private Psychological Field, Marcel Kinsbourne (Tufts) The Common Origin of Perception and Action, Avraham Schweiger (Tel Aviv) Part II. Psychology Whitehead’s Faculty-Psychology, Jean-Claude Dumoncel (Caen) Psychology Moves Towards Whitehead, John Pickering (Warwick) On Scientific Confirmation of Causal Efficacy, Franz G. Riffert (Salzburg) What is Called “Feeling” ?, Pierre Rodrigo (Dijon) The One and the Many, Luca Vanzago (Pavia) Part III. Psychotherapy Psychotherapy in Process, John B. Cobb, Jr. (Claremont) The Promise of Process Psychology, David E. Roy (Fresno) The Universality of Impermanence, C. R. F. Sherlock (Oxford) The Art of Epochal Change, Michel Weber (Chromatiques whiteheadiennes) Part IV. Philosophy of Mind A Psychology for the Ecosystem, Liliana Albertazzi (Trento) Mind as Process, Mark H. Bickhard (Lehigh) Direct Realism in Perception and Memory, Peter Farleigh (Sydney) Untangling “Self,” “Person,” and “I”, David Galin (San Francisco) Whitehead and the Revival (?) of Panpsychism, William Seager (Toronto) Psychology and Physics Reconciled, Anderson Weekes (New York) Critical Apparatus General Bibliography Index of Subjects Index of Names Detailed Table of Contents

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