Process Thought Series

The series “Process Thought” is edited by Nicholas Rescher (Pittsburgh), Johanna Seibt (Aarhus & Konstanz) & Michel Weber (Bruxelles)

Advisory Board : Mark Bickhard (Lehigh), Jaime Nubiola (Navarra) & Roberto Poli (Trento)

The series “Process Thought” features philosophical, interdisciplinary, and crossdisciplinary research on the analysis and application of dynamic categories. It presents cutting-edge research in process ontology and process metaphysics, but also interdisciplinary studies and crossdisciplinary collections on process-geared theories and themes, covering a wide spectrum of disciplines (including philosophy of chemistry, philosophy of physics, philosophy of mind, linguistics, cognitive science, psychology, neurophysiology, robotics, biology, and music theory). The series is not tied to Whitehead’s philosophy and presents the full spectrum of current research approaches. As an international forum for book-length contributions in English and German the series is the first of its kind to document what might be a paradigm shift in the making. Have been published or are scheduled in the near future :

I. Weber et al., After Whitehead, 2004.

II. Brown, Process and the Authentic Life, 2005.

III. Graupe, Der Ort ökonomischen Denkens, 2005.

IV. Xie et al., Whitehead and China, 2005.

V. Herstein, Whitehead and the Measurement Problem, 2006.

VI. Khamara, Space, Time and Theology in the Leibniz-Newton Controversy, 2006.

VII. Weber, Whitehead’s Pancreativism. The Basics, 2006.

VIII. Weber, Whitehead’s Pancreativism. Jamesian Applications, 2011.

IX. Van Wyk et al., Creativity and its Discontents, 2009.

X. Weber et al., Handbook of Whiteheadian Process Thought, 2008.

XI. Rescher, Process Philosophical Deliberations, 2006.

XII. Franzese et al., Fringes of Religious Experience, 2007.

XIII. Basile et al., Consciousness, Reality and Value, 2007.

XIV. Weber et al., Subjectivity, Process, and Rationality, 2006.

XV. Graupe, The Basho of Economics, 2007.

XVI. Dibben et al., Applied Process Thought I, 2008.

XVII. Smith et al., Process and Personality, 2008.

XVIII. Pachalska et al., Neuropsychology and the Philosophy of Mind, 2008.

XIX. Franzese, Ethics of Energy, 2008.

XX. Derfer et al., The Roar of Awakening, 2009.

XXI. Dibben et al., Applied Process Thought II, 2009.

XXII. Rescher, Ideas in Process, 2009.

XXIII. Wang, Harmony but not Sameness, 2012.

XXIV. Seibt et al., How is Global Dialogue Possible ?, 2014.

XXV. Padiyath, The Metaphysics of Becoming, 2014.

XXVI. Koutroufinis et al., Process and Life, 2014.

XXVII. Griffin et al., Physics and Speculative Philosophy, 2016.

XXVIII. William Penn, Process Realism in Physics, 2023.

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