The Centre for Philosophical Practice “Chromatiques whiteheadiennes” (A.S.B.L. — non profit organization), is managed by Michel Weber, Docteur en philosophie, Adjunct Professor at the Department of Educational Foundations of the University of Saskatchewan.

Founded in 2006, the Centre specializes in three complementary axes (research, publication and counselling), each reflecting in its own order the guiding principles of the philosophical act (creativity, efficacy, and vision).

Editions Chromatika & Ontos Verlag

Some of the theoretical and practical activities of the Centre for Philosophical Practice result in scientific publications. They are mainly published by Les Éditions Chromatika (Louvain-la-Neuve) et Ontos Verlag (Frankfurt).

The English-speaking part of this site is still in the making. Do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of further assistance.

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79 chaussée de Vleurgat, 1050 Brussels (Ixelles)

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I. Weber et al., After Whitehead II. Brown, Process and the Authentic Life III. Graupe, Der Ort ökonomischen Denkens IV. Xie et al, Whitehead and China V. Herstein, Whitehead and the Measurement Problem VI. Khamara, Space, Time and Theology VII. Weber, Whitehead’s Pancreativism. The Basics VIII. Weber, Whitehead’s Pancreativism. Jamesian Applications IX. Van Wyk et al., Creativity and Its Discontents X. Weber et al., Handbook of Whiteheadian Process Thought XI. Rescher, Process Philosophical Deliberations XII. Franzese et al., Fringes of Religious Experience XIII. Basile et al., Consciousness, Reality and Value XIV. Weber et al., Subjectivity, Process, and Rationality XV. Graupe, The Basho of Economics XVI. Dibben et al., Applied Process Thought 1 XVII. Smith et al., Process and Personality XVIII. Pachalska et al., Microgenesis XIX. Franzese, Ethics of Energy XX. Derfer et al., The Roar of Awakening XXI. Dibben et al. Applied Process Thought 2 XXII. Rescher, Ideas in Process XXIII. Wang, Process and Pluralism XXIV. Seibt et al., How is Global Dialogue Possible? XXV. Padiyath, The Metaphysics of Becoming XXVI. Koutroufinis et al., Process and Life XXVII. Griffin et al., Physics and Speculative Philosophy

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